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The dawning of every new era brings disruption, upheaval and metamorphic pains. Our way of being is shifting rapidly and a new dimension is upon us like we’ve never experienced before.

In a society which is already fractured, the only way to progress successfully forward is to heal and the way to heal is to awaken holistically to ourselves as divine beings.

As Spiritual Futurist my primary focus is heralding in the evolution of spirituality and the future of spirituality is Divine Genius. I bring spirituality into the 21st century with a pragmatic feel, taking the mystery out of the equation by combining my corporate world experience with my years of spiritual practise and energy work.

A large part of my work parallels mental health. We must come to discover mental health is impacted by all areas of life including the work arena and if we are going to nurture the person as a whole, we need to bring spirituality into the professional world.


With 20+ years experience in the corporate world leading, managing, coaching and training, along with 26 years practising mystic arts, I combine these two worlds to assist people holistically and push past outdated confines to promote evolution of the mind and soul.