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Vibrenergy Forecasts & Ascension Mentoring 

We experienced some serious energy shifts in 2020 and we're now crossing a threshold into new territory. As we rapidly move into the new age, the rules by which we move through life are changing and the way we engage in our personal development has also significantly altered.

Over the course of the year I have found the three most prominent areas people are struggling to deal with are; trust, personal power and trying to excel or level-up before they even know who the are.   

Through uncovering your personal blue print I can reveal hidden strengths, blockages and influencing factors that could be impeding your progression. I can then guide you to develop significant areas and provide lasting strategies to remedy lost of trust, personal power and knowing yourself.   

Vibrenergy (vibrational energy a.k.a. life-force) forecasts are more than just astrology readings or psychic readings. These forecasts are based on universal energy in conjunction with your unique energy signature in 2021. Understanding the energetic influences which are impacting your life helps you flow with ease and get the best out of yourself and your circumstances.

Ascension Mentoring provides guidance and development based on the findings of the vibrenergy forecasts, using various techniques and spiritual coaching, to assist your evolution and your ability to step into prosperity, abundance, success, fulfilment and purpose.

Vibrenergy Forecasts - 1 x 1.5hrs, held over Zoom and recorded for you - AUD$250

Ascension Mentoring - 6 x 1.5hr sessions, over Zoom incl. email/text support - AUD$650