Your 2020 Spirit Chest is specifically prepared for you for this very reason. 

2020 marks the beginning of new energy cycles. We’re being given an auspicious chance to start a new chapter in our book and set the right kind of energy for the coming years. The contents of your 2020 Spirit Chest will help you set firm foundations and move through this threshold of change, armed with the knowledge of the influencing some extra soul nourishing goodies! 

PLEASE NOTE: The images are for display purposes only. Some items will vary in colour and shape, however the value will remain equal.

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Your Chest Contains

The Following

2020 Year Ahead Energy Guide - Interpreted by the planetary  aspects and transits for your sign, the year ahead report analyses the energies influencing your sign, concerning areas of your life. The report highlights moon phase energy, retrogrades, major planetary shifts, eclipses and more, making it easy for you to prepare for your year ahead and work with the influencing energies. ‘Forewarned is  forearmed’ they say, and if I can give you a ‘heads up’ in order to handle what the universe has in store, then I’ve done my job ; ) 

Video Tarot Forecast - This is a personalised reading specifically for you  which encompasses universal guidance for 2020. Straight from the universe to you, the messages in the reading are set in conjunction with the astrological aspects that lay ahead. You are provided with a link to a private YouTube channel for your eyes only, as only the holder of the link can access the reading. 


Essential Oil Body Mist - The essential oil blend is created by a qualified aromatherapist ( on the analysis of the astrological influence of 2020. It will contain natural essential oils specific to your energy forecast. 

Convenient for personal use wherever you are.  

CrystalsThe crystals provided are matched to the vibration of your star sign, as well as, the corresponding vibrations influencing your year ahead. Carry them with you, sleep with them underneath your pillow...rely of their healing energy when you need it.  

Candle(s)Colour is another form of energy. The colour and type of candle (or  candles) are selected to correspond with the influencing energies of your tarot reading and year ahead. Light the candle in your moments of reflection and when you seek to promote peace, balance and clarity. 

Charm - For millennia, charms and talismans have been used as a source of power. The charm selected for you can be used as a reminder of the message 2020 brings. Call on the power of your charm whenever you need it. 


 IncenseThe mystical scent of incense has many uses, from clearing the energy in your sacred space to assisting with your relaxation and centering. Light your incense for those moments you require peace and clarity. 


Affirmation - Think of your personal affirmation as your spell to promote  courage, wisdom and serve as a source of grounding to remind you of your power!


All I need is your name and star sign

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Your Price AUD$130.00

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This price includes 50% off my standard fee for tarot readings and yearly astrology you get some extra spiritual goodies to assist with the year ahead.  

I also accept direct bank transfer, please contact me for details