May 2021 Transits

Healing energies commenced in April, now transformational energies spark in May. 


Check out what’s in store below…


May 3 – Mercury enters Gemini – referred to as Domicile (the strongest placement), Mercury returns to his first home. It’s quite fitting that he should take up residence back home only a few weeks prior to the eclipse season on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Mercury is in good aspect to Pluto but squaring the moon and Jupiter on his arrival in Gemini. These connections promote a deeper search for knowledge to get us in touch with our most inner desires and to make necessary changes which benefit our development. Curiosity, adaptability, passion and intellectual pursuits that will challenge us to cultivate greater brainstorming activity.  


May 8 – Venus enters Gemini – Joining Mercury, adding softness and a diplomatic flavour to the Gemini influence, Venus will make the same connection to Pluto and Jupiter than Mercury did when moving into Gemini. These combinations ask us to find balance and equilibrium between our material world, spiritual pursuits and the search for truth. Venus in Gemini is about tolerance, understanding, mentally weighing things up and processing our world with regards to what we value and give worth to.   


May 13 – Jupiter enters Pisces – Only visiting until the end of July before he retrogrades back into Aquarius, Jupiter is giving us a taste of what will transpire in 2022 when he takes up full time residence in Pisces. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, so he is dignified (strongest placement next to Sagittarius) and he will be in Pisces with Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces (also his strongest placement) giving a super-boost to Pisces energy. Faith, devotion, mysticism and connection with the energy of forgiveness and universal wisdom are the brilliant influences of this placement.


May 19 - Venus in Gemini Trine Saturn in Aquarius – Sharing this beneficial angle with each other, Venus softens Saturn, while Saturn provides structure for Venus. These two planets are great for business when helping each other out and when in air signs concerning the mind and humanitarianism it’s a recipe for social success. The structure that Saturn encourages while in Aquarius is directed at social reforms, achievable hopes and aspirations and redesigning the way we do things. With Venus adding to this we can aim for diplomatic and peaceful interactions, creating true value in our pursuits. 


May 20 – Sun enters Gemini – This transit encourages us to identify goals and create smart, efficient ways to achieve them. This placement is also about how we process and identify with the world and our immediate environment. The Sun will make the same aspects as Mercury did (See May 3 above) to Jupiter and Pluto influencing our individual self-expression and the common goal. The Sun’s role in the lunar eclipse on the 26thwill emphasis this influence.  


May 21 – Sun in Gemini Square Jupiter in Pisces – This hard aspect is exact and puts two similar characters in debate with each other. They both want jovial good times, to expand and illuminate, to inspire and vitalise the situation but the signs they are in is what will make the difference. The Sun is wanting to promote himself as the authority in thought and communication, concerned with intellectual pursuits – While Jupiter wants to be the authority and promote spiritual and universal endeavours. So we see a clash here between identifying with the conscious mind and connecting with our higher-selves on a grander scale. Just as well the eclipses are on the way. 


May 23 – Saturn retrograde in Aquarius – Saturn’s retrograde phase starts and will complete on October 11. This phase is about re-establishing boundaries, re-assessing progress, taking stock, examining long term goals, our relationship to authority and more importantly it gives us a chance to resolve karmic debt. When he retraces his steps, we too retrace ours regarding the themes of the sign he is in. Aquarian themes centre on humanity, revolution, aspirations and technology. 


May 25 – Grand Water Trine – This configuration is when three points in the chart connect to make an equilateral triangle in the centre of the zodiac. This trine is taking place in the water signs as follows – Moon in Scorpio, Cancer in Mars and Neptune in Pisces. The moon and Mars are considered in ‘Fall’ in their respective signs, weakening their energy, however Neptune in Pisces is at his strongest. So, this trine is heavily influenced by Neptune, amplifying his mystical energy in the most mystical sign…and right before the lunar eclipse in Sag.   


May 26 – Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius – Conclusion, culmination, cyclical change and internal illumination are all influences of the lunar eclipse. With this one taking place in Sagittarius; we can expect matters on the world stage to experience these affects; while individually we can expect to gain some sort of closure on a ‘big’ matter, or be illuminated to explore greater meaning to bring things to ahead. The area of life where this will take place for the individual depends on the solar house its in. 


May 29 – Mercury Retrograde in Gemini – When a planet retrogrades in its own home, I tend to believe the impact is greater than any other retrograde placement. If the planet is at its strongest when domicile, then it stands to reason its retrograde phase will be strong also. Considering all other cosmic happenings at the moment we are in for an exciting ride. This retrograde cycle will force us to review, revisit and re-analyse our mental processes. This is not…I repeat NOT…a great time for starting anything official, signing contracts, entering into agreements, having deep discussions requiring some kind of resolution (or involving multiple parties), email campaigns, travel. This time should be used as rest, reflection, contemplation, planning and strategizing as much as humanly possible. If you do need to do any of the above, please triple check documents, pick up the phone and speak rather than communicate electronically, delay campaigns, ensure you give yourself plenty of time for travel hiccups and be extra vigilant.