People Performance

Morale, loyalty, productivity, showing up – these are just a few significant factors I help you promote so your people thrive, resulting in your success. The greatest investment you will ever make, people are the life force of your business. Knowing what makes a person tick, providing opportunities and bringing out the best in your people will only benefit your organisation. 

With 20+ years’ experience training, coaching and developing teams, I possess an elevated grasp of how to create high performers

If you want people to perform at optimum level, then you need to create an optimum environment for their success. Having been through an intense international secondment and conquering the barriers placed before me, I’ve developed people performance skills not taught in any classroom



One of the highlights of my career was my secondment to Mumbai, India, to execute training and development. Working remotely within your own country brings its own challenges, but to achieve successful results in a foreign country is a whole new ball game. Especially when the challenges include unfamiliar territory, civil unrest, language barriers, rapid deadlines and maintaining cohesive relationships with your crew.

The core undercurrent was people performance. Bringing these people up to the calibre of American Express standards helped me develop innovative tools and deepened my understanding of human nature, the impact of cultural conditioning, how to teach new skills and develop the best within.

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