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New Age 


Relationship struggles…career hurdles…prosperity and abundance issues…stuck in a rut…repeating vicious cycles…yep we’ve all been there. The real question is – just exactly how sick and tired are you? It’s not until you are sick and tired of being sick and tired that you seek change. 


Everything is energy and everything is connected. 

You came here with specific lessons, strengths, challenges and you have a unique energy map for your life.

My area of expertise is helping you uncover and discover what that energy map is in order to get the best from yourself and achieve the best from your life. 



Why do we need to get our act together, spiritually?


We've lost faith

We're disconnected from ourselves and each other

Our awareness is easily programmed by the social climate

We have misdirected needs/Our needs aren't being met

We lack empathy/We're hurting each other

We're energetically fatigued 

We're fearful


These sessions are specifically catered to help you develop your abilities and understand your relationship to universal energy. You will learn about the power of the Self and the invisible force which gets us through life. I provide coaching on how to work with your natural abilities and introduce you to techniques which develop your personal power, allowing you to handle life with strength and confidence by realising what you are capable of.



What is life if we aren’t fulfilled by meaning in all we do and striving to live our full potential?

The Future Isn't What It Used To Be

⚡️Understanding energy and how to work with it 

⚡️The power of ritual 

⚡️Understanding cycles and how to move in flow with the universe 

⚡️Developing you in relation to your potential 

⚡️Aligning your intelligence centres for success 

The webinars are for group attendance. Please contact me to discuss further. 




Astrology and tarot are a form of reading energetic influences.With more than 23 years practising, I reveal past life influences, strengths, development opportunities, life lessons and more. This is the way to uncover your energy map and determine the best way to help you achieve your true potential. Through knowing how your energy flows we can unlock the door to success, abundance, happiness, purpose and authenticity.

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