Spiritual Development

It's Time To Wake Up To Yourself

As Spiritual Futurist my job is to illuminate and awaken the Divine Genius within and herald the evolution of spirituality.  

I am a catalyst for change, transformation and healing. In our session(s) I uncover what is escaping your awareness and reveal latent energies which assist your evolution through life. 

What I do for you is exactly that – awaken you to your Self,

realising your divine sovereignty so you can rise and fulfil the job you came here to do.


We discuss;


  • energetic baggage you are carrying,  

  • what is holding you back

  • what you need to develop in this life

  • your cosmic DNA

  • your advantages and strengths 

  • techniques to develop your divine genius, and more


My skills and areas of expertise are varied, with my main strength being the ability to read your soul journey.