There's a time to act... there's a time to reflect ...

there's a time to strategise...

Knowing how to flow with energy according to your unique profile makes the world of difference in life

How we conduct our time together;

1) I show you your influencing energies based on your birth information
2) We discuss and map out how to work with those energies
3) You increase your self-awareness and personal knowledge, moving forward in life to achieve what you set out to do 

Everything is energy and everything is connected. 

You came here with specific lessons, strengths, challenges and you have a unique energy map for your life.


My area of expertise is helping you uncover and discover what that energy map is in order to get the best from yourself in this life. 

With 20+ years experience leading, managing, coaching and training, combined with 20+ years practising psychic psychology, I combine these two worlds to assist people holistically and push past outdated confines to promote evolution of the mind and soul.