From fast-paced dynamic work environments to heavily customer service focused businesses, I've successfully met KPI's, service level agreements, rolled out special projects, facilitated national training and managed team member performance. 
This has permeated to my psychic life where I utilise innate abilities to help people change and transform their lives. 
My success is largely due to; the ability to read situations and people; go above and beyond what is required; plan, strategise and communicate effectively; and tap into my own magic, connecting with Universal wisdom.

The Corporate Journey


 I have had the privilege to hold various positions across different industries, including; finance, insurance, airline, hospitality, public service and non profit.

The knowledge and experience I've gained across these industries regarding human behaviour and professional performance is invaluable. I use this knowledge to enhance people's performance and educate them on developing themselves.  


American Express:

  • Business Continuity Plan Coordinator for Asia/Pacific Contact Centres. Coordinating heads of international markets on crisis planning. 

  • Subject Matter Expert - Seconded to Mumbai, India, to facilitate training and development.

  • Team Process Specialist - training, coaching and Team Leader of weekend operations.   

Perpetual Limited:

  • Assistant Manager - Management of high level lending portfolios, coaching and development of 12 team members, process improvement and relationship management with external and internal clients.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal:

  • Assistant Team Leader - High level coordination of online services project including user acceptance testing, consulting on technical knowledge, consulting on re-writing the National Registry Procedures, facilitation of training across NSW and VIC registries and subject matter expert point of reference for the registries; Management and training of 25 staff; workforce planning, coaching and development, quality assurance.  

Toyota Financial Services:

  • Business Training Specialist - Learning & Development platform coordinator, ensuring all training requirements were met along with maintenance and quality assurance of training content to meet governance and certification; coordination of trainers schedules. 

Leader  Manager  Trainer  Coach



The Creative Journey




Certified Spiritual Life Coach;

  • Assisting clients to understand the metaphysical aspect of their life;

  • Helping people discover a deeper purpose as to why there are here and what they are here for;

  • Understanding subconscious patterns and how to reprogram them;

  • Developing self-awareness.  


Certified Astrologer with 25 years experience: 

  • Weekly horoscope forecasts published with SSO Media.

  • Weekly horoscopes forecasted on Brisbane Community Radio.

  • Home business analysing birth charts and interpreting yearly forecasts, providing personal development coaching. 

  • Teaching Astrology at Yarraville Community Centre.

Tarot Reader with 20 years experience:

  • Home business reading and providing personal development coaching.

  • Psychic Expo booths, reading for clients across Victoria.

  • Teaching Tarot online and previously at Yarraville Community Centre.

Tarot Reader



Spiritual Life Coach