The following are policies which you are deemed to have agreed to; upon making your booking and/or becoming a member or engaging my services. You may be requested to read and sign, at your initial visit, to affirm you agree and understand.


Please feel free to ask for clarification or additional information prior to, or at, your initial visit.

Sessions The sessions I hold with you are for guidance purposes only and do not take the place of your medical professional, legal professional or financial professional. The sessions can be held face-to-face, online or phone and email support will be provided. Generally, the online sessions will be held through Zoom, of which you will have the opportunity to record the session.

Membership The membership is finalised upon receipt of the membership fee. The fee is paid yearly, by PayPal or bank transfer. Once you have signed up, you will receive access to all members area pages, plus all the additional items stated in the Membership PDF (you are deemed to have read and understood this document when you agree to become a member). 


The membership fee and all items stated in the PDF are subject to change at the discretion of Rick-Michael King.


Cancellation of Membership Cancellation of your membership can occur at any time. Particularly in pursuant to, but not limited to; unacceptable behaviour; plagiarism and reproduction of the content and intellectual property of Rick-Michael King; and disrespectful conduct. Alternatively, if you wish to cancel your membership, it is required in writing (please see the refund policy below).    

Confidentiality By law and professional ethics, your sessions are strictly confidential. Generally, no information will be shared with anyone without your written permission. There are however, a number of exceptions to this confidentiality policy.

  • If I am ordered by the court to testify or release records.

  • If you are a victim or perpetrator of child abuse I am required by law to report this to the authorities responsible for investigating child abuse (VIC Department of Community Services).

  • If you are a victim or perpetrator of elder or dependent adult abuse I am required by law to report this to appropriate authorities (VIC Department of Community Services).

  • If you threaten harm to yourself, someone else or the property of others, I may be required to call the police and warn the potential victim, or take other reasonable steps to prevent the threatened harm.

Bookings, Fees and Payments Bookings are primarily made directly with Rick-Michael King and payments primarily made through PayPal or bank transfer. 


The fees for the services are advised by me and are subject to change at any time, also inclusive of GST.

Sessions must be paid for before your session and is payable by debit card, credit card or cash through PayPal. If you wish to make a bank transfer, you will need to contact me for the bank details and the funds must be received prior to the session(s) (please contact me to discuss). Square Point of Sale is used for payment in person by credit or debit card, so transactions are made quick and simple.


I do not bulk bill insurance companies and you are unable to make insurance claims against these services. I do provide a receipt if you wish, which will be emailed or sent as a text message to you depending on the form of payment. 


Cancellations Please advise me of any cancellation 24 hours before your sessions. You can notify me by phone, text or email. Effective development does take a commitment on both sides. I have found over the years that the more consistent (and sometimes frequent) the client is in attending their sessions, the greater and quicker the progress. 


Occasionally you may need to reschedule your appointment for another time available and I will be happy to change your time. Requests to cancel appointments less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment may result in a charge of $25 for the late cancellation (conditions apply).


Refunds A refund will be issued under the following terms;

Sessions - which include tarot, astrology bookings of all types, ascension mentoring, tarot classes, astrology classes, spiritual life coaching sessions, special events and webinars - 

  • Termination before commencing sessions – A full refund will be made if you have booked and paid for a session(s) and have cancelled more than 24 hours prior to the booking.

  • Unused sessions – If you have purchased multiple sessions and begun participating but choose to discontinue further sessions, you will be refunded the remaining unused sessions. Please note the above cancellation policy applies if you happen to cancel within the 24 hour notice period of your next appointment and you will be refunded less $25 late cancellation fee (or forgoing your deposit as mentioned above).

  • Duplicate payments – If there has been a duplicate payment made there will be a refund made for the additional payment.



Refunds are subject to review and are discretionary as the membership includes free products and services, incentives and is already heavily discounted. 


We reserve the right to determine if you are eligible for a refund under special circumstances and this will be carefully considered.  

After Hours - I am not usually available after my business hours. The best way to contact me after hours is by email or text and I may respond to you depending on the circumstances, but I endeavour to maintain business hours for assistance.


If you need to call, please leave a message on my voice mail and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


For after-hours emergencies or if you need immediate assistance call 000, Lifeline on 13 11 14, your medical group or your primary care physician.


Terminating Sessions It is my goal to work with you only until you have reached your desired state. With most clients this is between 3 to 9 visits. You have the right to terminate or take a break from your development at any time without my permission or agreement. However, if you do decide to exercise this option, I encourage you to talk with me about the reason for your decision so that we can bring sufficient closure to our work together. We can discuss your progress thus far and explore ways in which you can continue to utilise the skills and knowledge that you have gained through your development. 


Intellectual Property 

Intellectual Property includes but not limited to; data, content, logos, videos, designs, artwork, voice recording, symbols, statements, pdf’s, email content, links, presentations and opinions offered in conjunction with any and all content created by me, Rick-Michael King.


The Intellectual Property produced and provided forever remains the property of Rick-Michael King and all Rick-Michael King’s subsidiaries, businesses and organisations under ABN: 29 037 208 180. By undertaking my services, you have agreed to the terms and conditions contained within my business policies.

Any and all information provided as a result of my services is not to be reproduced, shared, shown to any other person or business, used for business reasons other than personal reference and education, or financial gain through sale and reproduction.


Legal proceedings may result from violation of the above terms regarding the Intellectual Property of Rick-Michal King.

ABN: 29 037 208 180