Want to learn how to interpret energy through the cards? 

Would you like a helping hand with direction for your day or life?

Are you looking to add a skill to your capabilities? 


I’ll teach you

The Art of Tarot


Fast becoming the way forward, this art is now shown to assist with personal confidence, mental health, connecting back to spirit and the universe, as well as, an additional source of income.

AUD$300 - 4 x 1.5hr sessions (6hrs total) 


I will be working with the Ryder Waite deck (you will need your own deck and it will need to be a tarot deck with the four suits - Wands/Rods, Swords, Cups/Chalices, Pentacles/Coins - opposed to Oracle cards) these sessions are for beginners and they include;



You will be provided with written material, for both reading in your own time and for the sessions. The sessions will be a mix of practical, theory and exercises. The classes will be held over Zoom.

Contact Me To Discuss Further

  • Learning the Minor Arcana

  • Learning the Major Arcana

  • Numerology in Tarot

  • Card Combinations  

  • Reading Spreads