Unresolved Mental And Emotional Issues

Manifest Physically

It’s not just spiritual hocus pocus anymore as science now backs it up.


I have long held the belief that physical ailments and dis-ease are attributed to emotional and mental issues, left unattended. This is not a new concept as many ancient civilizations and current metaphysical communities prescribe to this belief (which is now no longer just a belief). The likes of Louise Hay, for example, has produced many publications on the topic (including ‘Heal Your Body’, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’) and the fact that we can heal our bodies has become quite prevalent in today’s world. Brandon Bays, motivational speaker and author of ‘The Journey’ tells of how she cured herself of a large tumour in her uterus (without surgery) by in-depth psychoanalysis and meditation. There are many, many other accounts of people healing themselves of terminal illnesses and injuries in the same fashion. If you’re thinking this is whacked-out-tree-huggin-hippy-stuff, think again.


Science has now come through with studies revealing that ‘biology of belief’ is fact.





















Previously accepted doctrine stated that genes and DNA have been the governing forces for our biology and we have no control over our body. It’s now revealed and becoming widely accepted in the scientific community, that triggers from outside the cell impact our biology, including energetic messages emanating from our thoughts (The Biology of Belief, Bruce H. Lipton PhD).


Specific parts of the body, along with specific ailments are associated with and impacted by certain mental and emotional issues. For example, headaches are associated with invalidating the self, self-criticism and fear…problems with the knees are associated with pride and ego. I have applied this to myself when I have been suffering dis-ease or ailments, as well as using this when working with my clients and have found it to assist the healing process. It's helped to pinpoint the core of mental or emotional blockages, where myself or my clients have not been able to figure out the root cause, then allowed us to acknowledge, accept and work to resolve the issue.

This is a testament to our thoughts creating our reality and our emotions (or Energy in Motion) have more power than we realise. 

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