A Mage is a wise one...an experienced soul...adept with knowledge...an alchemist skilled in the art of change and transformation...a guide and mentor...

Hi, I'm Rick-Michael King and I'm a Modern Mage.

I assist people to transform themselves and achieve personal fulfilment on a personal level, spiritual level and professional level. 





We are on the threshold of great change and society (publicly and professionally) is realising that it takes a holistic approach to achieve greatness. My skills and experience stretch across, what most would consider, two seperate worlds. It is through the integration of these worlds that I have been able to achieve successful results...both personally and professionally.  

Please visit my Personal Services page to explore what I can do for you on a individual level.


Please visit my Professional Services page to find out more about what I can do for you and your staff.  

It's about uncovering and developing hidden knowledge that we possess but have forgotten; learning how to work with energy of thought, emotion and spirit; understanding and developing intuition; developing soft skills; understanding and appreciating our psychic side; knowing how our subconscious patterns form and how to reprogram them; understanding the Shadow Self; mastering fear; and accepting there is more to us than just being human. 

My passion and purpose is to instigate change, transformation and conscious evolution by helping people acknowledge, understand and develop themselves personally, spiritually and professionally.