Why Engage My Services?










So, why engage my services? Good question.


I could talk about how I’ve helped a lot of people understand themselves better and reach their goals, or that I’ve worked with high-level executives and studied with established leaders in the profession. While this is true, does it really matter? What matters is how I help you, specifically. Each person is different and has different needs with different life experiences, that form the person they are today.


Take the following example – 


This individual has had, what most would consider, a rough start in life. Their mother was only 19yrs old when they were born. Their father left their mother before the person was 1yr old. The mother was heavily into drugs, had been prostituting to make money and got hooked up with the wrong man who would beat her up on regular occasion. They moved around a lot, in and out of caravan parks and never in one place long enough. The person had been to 16 different primary schools. The mother and boyfriend were involved in criminal activity and in trouble with the law. This person was sexually, mentally and physically abused. Their mother dies when the person is 12yrs old and they go to live with their estranged father, step-mother and half siblings. The father isn’t loving and rules with a fist, as does the step-mother. The person doesn’t have the opportunity to talk about their mother’s death as it isn’t spoken about in the house. The person endures life in an unloving home, still dealing with the death of their mother, trying to make sense of everything they’ve seen and experienced in the last 19 years. They realise they have had enough, leave home at this age and go out on their own to face the world. 


It’s fair to say, what this individual needs and what a top executive needs are different.


What type of person do you think the individual in the above scenario has become? A criminal? A drug addict? A violent abusive person?


I can happily report I did not become any of those things. I was able to help myself and have gone on to thrive. Through strength, determination and knowing I deserve better, I did the hard yards to have a happy, successful life.


At the age of 19 I started my personal development journey. I've spent the last 23 years working on myself (and continue to do so), as well as helping others. In addition to studying and practicing, ultimately it's my life experiences that taught me how to help make a difference. 


So, why engage my services?...I know how to strategise and ask thought provoking questions to instigate change. I know how to adapt to circumstances to bring about personal transformation and create a better path that leads to greater opportunities.