Why I Do This 

I started my business in this profession because I want to make a difference in the world and I believe this is how I can do it and I believe it starts with the individual. I know what it’s like to suffer, whether it’s; self-esteem, confidence, body image, relationship issues, identity crisis, self-destructive behaviour, grief and loss, work demands, career progression and feeling lost in a big world.


It began with taking stock of my life, my experiences and realising how I’ve created a happy life from…well…basically a shitty start in life. I’ve written a brief account of my beginnings in the section on my site ‘Why Engage My Services?’ so I won’t repeat it here. It is quite a brief account with only main points mentioned because if I go further into detail, it would shock and terrify you and it would go on forever as there was A LOT that happened. My partner and friends who know the full story have asked me ‘How did you turn out so well?!’ Haha.


The main point is; what I’ve done for myself in a harsh, sometimes unforgiving world, I can use it to benefit others.


I need to make a living but I don’t need to charge thousands of dollars to do it. I believe that people should be able to afford to invest in their personal development and that it shouldn’t be left as a privilege for the upper class or millionaires who can afford it. If you compare the market and see what other practitioners are charging for their service, you will see my fee is below market cost.


The misconception that if it’s expensive then it must be good doesn’t always apply. Take Aldi versus Coles – the quality of food doesn’t change because Aldi is cheaper and the variety still exists…how many different versions of Coco Pops do you want? TV’s and machinery break down regardless of brand and cost and a $20 shirt from Kmart can make you look just as good compared to a $180 shirt from another label store.

What sets me aside from the rest?


1.  My cost is affordable and you get more value than what I charge.

2. I have a ‘no BS’ approach.

3. I make the client my full focus and let the sessions evolve to suit the client.

4. I’m not in it to make millions of dollars. I gain more reward from watching you         develop than I do monetarily

5. I draw from experience, both personal life experience and career experience         having made my way up from nothing.

6. My approach is not text book but is humanistic.

7. I develop you holistically and use a variety of methods I know work. I don’t use       a ‘one size fits all’ model.


You as an individual do make a difference and you do have an impact. There is no-one else like you! Experience has taught me you can’t build a strong foundation if you don’t have an understanding of the basics…or an understanding of yourself. I don’t want people to suffer the way I did and I do believe we’re all connected so if you’re suffering then I feel it and I want to help!

Please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions or to have a brief chat about how I can assist you.