Creativity is one of my top strengths and I hold various workshops for personal and professional interests to engage people in the process of developing their creative mind.


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Learn to read and translate universal messages and information through the art of Tarot...become an interpreter of energy through the language of the cards

Everything is energy and the horoscope is a form of reading energy that influences our lives. 

Everything is energy and the horoscope is a form of reading energy that influences our lives. 

Workshops Series

~ Awareness Alchemy ~

Understanding and Developing Intuition

There is more to us than our five physical senses. Learn what intuition is and discover how it can be used in the workplace. Discover how to develop it through practising techniques and enhance professional performance.

The Power Of Personal Objectivity

We're not taught how to look at ourselves, how to remove judgement and negative self-talk or how powerful it is to observe ourselves objectively. Personal objectivity is a great skill for understanding ourselves better and promoting a sensible approach to figuring out our challenges.

Understanding Energy

Everything is energy. Your thoughts, your emotions, your spirit, the weather, the planets in our solar system...even your words. Learn to understand and work with it rather than against it. Energy can be read and interpreted in many ways and it's amazing how things change when we grasp the principles. 

Understanding Fear

It's time too put fear back in it's place! We seem to have blown fear out of proportion and allowed it to rule our lives unnecessarily. We've missed opportunities, wound up in messes because of it, not to mention the impact on our health! Let's learn how to master it. 

Expanding Perspective 

Perspective is an underrated tool and is largely subjective. What if we gave 'perspective' some perspective? The ability to fully inspect a person or situation from all angles and discover different approaches, increases our capability to handle our situations with wisdom and creativity.

Subconscious Patterns & The Shadow-Self

We're conditioned to rule with our conscious mind and give little credit or attention to our subconscious mind. This is the mind that is actually in the drivers seat. By ignoring it and repressing our thoughts and emotions we develop poor habits, ill health and close ourselves off from a powerful force. The shadow-self is the part of ourselves where we keep the things we would rather not face or deal with. This too can cause all sorts of problems if not understood or handled properly.